May I pay with a credit card online?

Yes. When placing an order online, you must pay by credit card. Due to the confidential nature of the data, payment is required prior to distributing the survey results. A credit card payment will ensure quick delivery of your order.


Will my information be secure when placing an order online?

Yes. Your information is completely secure when placing an online order. However, we are happy to take your order by phone if you prefer. Call us at (321) 287-3602 or (917) 531-8793 for assistance.


I am having trouble viewing a page or document on your Web site. Who should I contact?

Contact us at (321) 287-3602 or (917) 531-8793 or e-mail [email protected] with an explanation of the issue you are facing.


My question is not listed here.  How do I get more help?

You can e-mail us at [email protected], call (321) 287-3602 or (917) 531-8793. We are happy to help.